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What Should be Paid Attention to When Designing Cosmetic Packaging?

Today, girls are inseparable from cosmetics, and the consumer group of cosmetics is increasing day by day. Therefore, the competition among various cosmetic brands is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, designing cosmetic packaging that is more attractive to consumers has become the focus. Matters needing attention in the design of cosmetic packaging boxes:

The design styles of cosmetic packaging boxes include heaven and earth boxes, book boxes, drawer boxes, etc. If you want the design of cosmetic packaging boxes to be more personalized, you can break the style of traditional packaging boxes and choose a folding box type, which is a structure that can catch consumers' attention and attract consumers' attention.

Color design is very important to the design of cosmetic packaging boxes. When you see it, when designing cosmetic packaging boxes, you can choose clear, bright, and elegant colors and materials.

Cosmetic packaging is a way to protect cosmetics and attract customers to promote consumption. Jinyi cosmetic packaging must continue to innovate and reform in order to keep up with people's changing concepts and pursuits. So what principles should Jinyi follow in cosmetic packaging design? Here is a brief introduction to cosmetic packaging.

Cosmetic packaging design principles:

1. Environmental protection concept

In recent years, Jinyi cosmetic packaging has become more and more popular. From the perspective of environmental protection, Jinyi cosmetic packaging materials should be more low-carbon and environmentally friendly, which can not only reduce costs, but also reduce the purchasing pressure of customers. In addition, for Jinyi, it is also a very correct choice to improve the recycling rate of cosmetic packaging and avoid excessive packaging. Only by taking the road of environmental protection can brands have the driving force for sustainable development.

2. Application Concepts

Generally cosmetic packaging is beautiful, but also practical. Therefore, every cosmetic packaging designer in Jinyi must consider and follow the concept of practicality, such as the ability to resist pressure, waterproof, shading, and preserve fragrance. , these are important factors to consider in addition to the quality of the product itself.

3. The concept of humanity

Cosmetic packaging should be considered from the perspective of cosmetic consumer groups, and the designed cosmetic packaging is more attractive. Because the application object of each cosmetic has a positioning, Jinyi cosmetic packaging can be subdivided according to the age of women and friends when designing, and cosmetic packaging can adopt different design schemes and styles.

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