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The Production Process of Lip Gloss Tube Packaging

Chocolate is bitter before it becomes chocolate. Cosmetic packaging materials are plastic particles before they become packaging materials. Jinyi Cosmetics Packaging Factory will tell you about the production process of lip gloss tube packaging materials.

When customers have customized requirements for lip gloss tube packaging materials, the cosmetic packaging factory will send a product catalog for customers to choose the packaging materials that suit them, or the customer provides lip gloss tube requirements, and we recommend suitable products to customers (if there is an existing product catalog) If there is no product that meets the customer's needs, then we will provide custom mold opening services, and the cost of the mold will be confirmed by both parties).

After confirming the model of the product, the salesperson is responsible for confirming the size, capacity, style, craftsmanship, price and other related details of the packaging material with the customer (recheck the confirmed details, including the color, which also requires the customer to provide the Pantone number), and if the customer needs To customize the logo or pattern, the customer needs to confirm the silk screen position map. After making an electronic version of the E-proof confirmation, we will make a logo sample confirmation for the customer before producing the bulk product.

After the customer receives the logo sample and the test is correct, the mass production will start to ensure the delivery time and quality that are mutually negotiated. Jinyi Cosmetics Packaging Factory has special personnel to inspect every production link, strictly control product quality, enjoy a certain reputation and reputation in the color cosmetics packaging industry, and establish good cooperative relations with big brands. If you also have cosmetic packaging customization needs , you can contact us, we can make one-stop customization from mold design, development and manufacturing to product injection molding processing, and you are satisfied.

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