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 What Aspects Should Be Considered For Lip Gloss Packaging?

If you are going to launch a lip gloss brand or expand your cosmetics company to include gorgeous gloss, it is therefore important to find high-quality cosmetic containers that protect and showcase the internal quality. Lip gloss tubes are not only a functional necessity, they are also the core of the customer's first impression. Cheap-looking lip gloss packaging or messy leaky tubes can immediately ruin the buyer's experience, whether they like the gloss itself or not.

The following points may help you determine the unique style of your brand and find a suitable packaging partner.

Do I want to pack my lip gloss in a jar or tube?

The tube is the most common packaging option, but it is not the only option. If you are creating a thicker, more balm-like lip gloss formula with firm beeswax or butter, you might want to consider a jar! Jars is also an option for highly pigmented gloss that needs to be applied with a special makeup brush. For the rest of this guide, let us assume that you are choosing traditional tube packaging.

What size tube do I want?

Some wholesale suppliers of lip gloss containers offer a wide range of sizes, but 3ml is the standard for empty lip gloss tubes. In addition, you should also consider whether you need a tester and sample size tubing. Ask your packaging partners if they can do these two functions.

Do I want a classic tube or an artistic shape?

The packaging you choose should reflect the core personality of your brand. The classic tube is designed for a reason-it allows customers to access the largest number of products and provides a compact, travel-friendly design. However, if you want to launch a distinctive and avant-garde lip gloss brand, you may prefer to break the routine with a unique shaped bottle shape.

Are there labels for cosmetic packaging products?

If convenience is your top priority, you may need to find a supplier that provides interior design and printing for a one-stop shop, but it comes at a price. By working with individual pipe suppliers and printers, you are more likely to find better wholesale prices. Enjoy the affordable packaging and convenience, and ask your supplier if they can ship directly to the label screen company!

Is the lip gloss tube sealed?

This one is mindless, but it should not be ignored. Unfortunately, some cheap suppliers cut costs too low to support quality. Before the product is launched, use a variety of different formulations and tubes for testing at different temperatures to ensure that your product will not leak, overflow or face the risk of contamination after it reaches the customer.

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