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Cosmetics Packaging is Related to The Image of The Entire Product

Cosmetics packaging design is mainly based on simplicity, usually only need to display the brand, name and other necessary information, in many cases, there is no other graphic design. You can choose the original image. For example, it is mainly used for some natural plant-based cosmetics. For example, the rose series will use pictures printed with roses. The biggest advantage is that the image is clear, and it feels natural and simple. You can also choose abstract Patterns, such as some points and lines, this expression is concise and generous, and can also reflect a strong modern atmosphere. An important part of the packaging design of color cosmetics, people often distinguish different products by color. The suitable color is the earliest for people to discover and choose, the most willing to contact people's reactions, and directly stimulate the desire of buyers.

The color design of modern cosmetics packaging is mainly from the following aspects:

1. Color design according to the gender of consumers

Women's cosmetics packaging uses mild but not strong, bright and not glaring colors, such as bright green and light blue, which will give people a relaxed and lively feeling. The packaging of male cosmetics and cool colors with high purity and low lightness, such as dark blue and dark brown, give people a stable, strong and confident.

2. Design according to the age and color of consumers

It is necessary to design according to the different ages and colors of consumers. It is full of youthful vitality. The packaging design of young consumers can use a light green color that symbolizes the life of youth. The color is used to interpret vital young girls and beautiful dreams. . With the increase of age, the psychological changes of consumers, and the symbolic color of nobility, are more like the psychological characteristics of purple and gold. The pursuit of noble and elegant plastic pigment series, purple adoption, because of its consumption target, women over 30 years old, The purple is just to cater to the goal of consumption.

3. Design according to product color

Nowadays, the functional design of cosmetics is very good, such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle and so on. The color of cosmetic packaging with different functions also plays a key role. Cosmetic packaging products, such as moisturizers are blue, green, giving people a fresh feeling of moisture, whitening products are mainly white, sometimes some white pink, blue, or performance is ruddy; or show clear white; sunscreen products orange and blue Orange is the color of the sun and is the most eye-catching color. The packaging of sunscreen products is likely to have a significant effect, and blue is the complementary color of orange. Using it can give people a fresh feeling.

4. Design materials according to product color

With the advancement of science and technology, more and more raw materials for the production of cosmetics are discovered, and some cosmetics only need the color of the raw materials for packaging products. For example, Estee Lauder's new series, raw red pomegranate, which is also the biggest selling point, uses bright red packaging. DHC platinum multi-series will use platinum color, and consumers can recognize this series of products at a glance without display.

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