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Selection And Use of Eyebrow Powder

If you want a perfect makeup look, you must start from the details, just like the popular mixed makeup, you want to be impeccable from hair color, pupils and hairstyles. The most common eyebrow makeup in makeup is to use eyebrow makeup. Powder to paint eyebrow makeup, eyebrow powder is also best to choose a color similar to the hair color, the specific reference steps are as follows:

Step 1:

Choose the color that suits you. The eyebrow powder is mainly related to the hair color, and then consider the skin color and the thickness of the eyebrows. Because the light during the day is brighter, it is not suitable for dark makeup, which will make people feel a little weird. The light is darker, so the dark color system makes people feel that it will match the environment naturally!

Step 2:

Generally speaking, the brush in the eyebrow powder you buy is a little hard, and the color will be uneven when you brush it out. You can find a brush with soft wool, and then find an eyebrow pencil, the color is similar to the eyebrow powder!

Step 3:

Begin to draw eyebrows, take a little visual inspection, if you are a beginner, you need to measure it, use a pen along the nose and the other end along the end of the eye, which can determine the length of your eyebrows. In the same way, follow one end of the nose and the other along the black eyeball, like drawing a tangent to the circle, so that you can determine your eyebrow peak, that is, the highest point of your eyebrows. Note that the eyebrow peak should be the color of your eyebrows. For the heaviest part, remember to draw lighter eyebrows, otherwise the eyebrows will be fake like two bugs.

Before using the eyebrow powder, use the eyebrow pencil to outline your eyebrow shape, find the eyebrow peak, eyebrow tail, and eyebrow (the eyebrow should be determined by protruding the bridge of the nose), find the width of the eyebrow, and the eyebrow shape will be outlined. , Then use the eyebrow brush to dip the eyebrow powder, dab the eyebrow brush after dipping, this is to shake off the floating powder floating on the brush, and then brush from the eyebrow peak, because the color is heavy here, and then dye it forward.

The above are based on the shape of your eyebrows. Before drawing your eyebrows, you may wish to frown first, highlight the brow bone, trim the miscellaneous hair next to the brow bone first, and determine the height of the eyebrows, so that the eyebrows drawn will be very natural.

When choosing eyebrow powder, you should try to choose a complex color and heavy tones (such as dark brown gray), on the one hand, it highlights the clear outline of the face, and on the other hand, the skin will look fairer. The choice of eyebrow brush is also very important. Try to use animal hair brushes (such as badger hair or yellow wolf tail hair) that need to have a certain degree of stiffness and smoothness. In this way, the eyebrow powder is easy to stick to the brow bone.

If you use too slippery bristles (such as nylon), the eyebrow powder will float on the brow bone. Even the best-looking eyebrows will have a floating powder effect, and the makeup will look dirty. In addition, the eyebrow powder formula is very important. Yes, the powder should not be too dry, it is better to use some oil, and the eyebrows will be more natural and vivid. I have used dark blue makeup eyebrow powder, the effect is very good, the price is very high, I recommend you to try it.

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