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Why Use Mascara?

Why use mascara?

Every time I ask everyone, what is the function of eyelashes? Many people will say that you can enlarge your eyes to make your eyes look more divine. Yes, this is an aesthetic effect of eyelashes. But have you thought about it?

In fact, the eyelashes also protect the eyes. The upper and lower eyelashes are like rows of guards, protecting the eyeballs from the outside world. Eyelashes can block dust and foreign objects from entering the eyeball, and even block UV damage to the eyes. So, we have to protect the eyelashes.

How to protect eyelashes? The beauty product used on the eyelashes is mascara. The use of mascara is not the same. We also need to choose the mascara that suits us according to the condition of our eyelashes. In addition to being beautiful, it is also necessary to better protect the eyes.

Nowadays, there are many types of mascara on the market, and the brush heads are also dazzling. When choosing, it always makes people crazy. Today we will analyze the different types of mascara and brush heads to help you choose the best one for you.

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