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Design Principles of Lipstick Packaging

Lipsticks are the love of every woman, and they are overwhelmed by all kinds of colors, packaging and brands. In order to leave a unique impression on the lipstick products in the minds of consumers, it is quite important to make a unique design for the lipstick packaging. important. In this article, we will introduce the principles of lipstick packaging design.

1. The lipstick packaging box matches the lipstick shade: just like women have thousands of styles, different lipsticks should also have matching packaging boxes. Glamorous women prefer flamboyant red lipsticks, so bright red lipsticks can be matched with red-based packaging boxes. A lipstick customized for passionate women should choose a lipstick packaging box with an atmospheric appearance.

2. The style of the lipstick packaging box is consistent with the brand tone: different lipstick shades have different styles, whether it is a business or an individual, you can say that the lipstick is positioned as hot, mature, light cooked, fresh, subtle and other different styles, In today's focus on brand marketing, lipstick packaging should also pay attention to cultural output and export the brand connotation contained in lipstick.

3. Lipstick packaging boxes are related to emotions: lipstick packaging boxes with ulterior motives should be customized packaging. If you want to express affection to your lover, you can express your feelings on the wrapping paper. If you want to send affection to your friends, you can Choose friendship-themed packaging boxes, each lipstick is unique, and each lipstick packaging box can also be customized.

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