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How Can Mascara Container Be Incompatible With Its Contents?

Compatibility of Mascara Container package and its contents broadly refers to the interaction between package and mascara, including chemical compatibility, physical compatibility and biological compatibility.

The following is a brief description of the specific situation that mascara container packaging is incompatible with its contents:

Chemical incompatibility: the chemical components of the packaging material, and the chemical reaction between the decomposition products and the cosmetic components during processing, which has adverse effects on cosmetics or packaging materials; Chemical incompatibility is characterized by changes in appearance and smell of packaging materials or cosmetics.

Biological incompatibility: some substances in the packaging material migrate into cosmetics and have adverse effects on users; The dissolution of harmful substances exceeds the measurement specified in the relevant cosmetics hygiene standards or specifications of the countries where cosmetics are sold; In general, harmful substances include various plastic additives, residual solvents, volatile organic compounds, harmful metal elements and so on. Of course, not all dissolved plastic additives will seriously affect the cosmetic properties. When the dissolved components are one of the cosmetic components, the dissolved amount is small and the dissolved substances are harmless to users, this dissolution phenomenon is normal compatibility. Colorant in plastic precipitated into the content, which was originally off-white.

Physical incompatibility: the packaging material and the content have undergone physical changes due to the influence of each other; Physical incompatibility is manifested as infiltration, adsorption, turtle crack, cracking, dissolution and so on. In the test judgment, physical incompatibility is often misjudged as chemical incompatibility, which is due to the obvious phenomenon of physical incompatibility and violent reaction.

In view of the fact that the plastics used in cosmetic packaging materials have certain solvent resistance and the cosmetics are mild, the incompatibility between cosmetics and packaging materials is more physical incompatibility.

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