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Appropriate Cosmetics Packaging Reflects The Brand's Taste To The Fullest

Simplicity, freshness, elegance and individuality are the new trends of modern Cosmetics packaging factory design.

Appropriate cosmetics packaging can not only attract consumers' attention, but also reflect the brand's taste to the fullest.

Nowadays, cosmetics packaging is expressed by elements such as soft and straight modeling, warm and romantic colors, neat and chic fonts and exquisite materials, and pursues visual elegance and lyrical taste.

Cosmetics packaging is various and rich in personality. Designers not only meet the basic functions of packaging, but also try their best to personalize brand symbols, characters, graphics, colors, shapes and other elements according to the laws of beauty, and finally promote the cosmetics packaging design to a higher level.

When designing packaging, we should pay attention to the following six aspects:

1. Cosmetics packaging should reflect the coexistence of commonness and individuality, and designers should consider the harmony and unity of packaging function and overall aesthetic feeling when designing.

2. Personalized graphics are used as a unique symbolic language in cosmetics packaging design because of their distinctive features. In the creative design of cosmetics packaging graphics, we should fully grasp the product positioning, and make it consistent with the packaging color, text and shape.

3. Bionics with natural objects as imitation objects is a common design technique. Bionics design is friendly, lively and interesting, and achieves the perfect unity of practicality and individuality.

4. The words on cosmetics packaging mainly include brand name, product name, explanatory text, etc. When designing brand words, designers can consider the form and combination of brand words.

5. The size, font and arrangement of words on cosmetics packaging, as well as the echo of graphics and colors, are important factors to achieve the harmony of the overall visual effect of the style and layout of words and the theme content. Words should not only be processed in color and some strokes, but also highlight the personalized design of words.

6. Facing the deterioration of the global environment, cosmetics, as one of the fashion symbols, follow the trend of environmental protection and start to use recyclable or degradable materials in packaging design.

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