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What Should I Do if The Liquid Eyeliner Doesn't Dry Out?

A lot of cuties have to look pretty when they go out, but what if the eyeliner happens to be dry and no longer watery? Let’s take a look at the solution shared by the editor for the newly purchased small silver tube liquid eyeliner pen that does not dry out!

1. The reason why the small silver tube eyeliner does not dry out

Liquid eyeliner is evolved from eyeliner. It is more durable and easy to color than eyeliner. A good liquid eyeliner, such as a small silver tube eyeliner, draws smooth lines, rich colors, and is easier to operate. So why does liquid eyeliner dry out after a while? Because the liquid eyeliner pen has been used for a period of time, the powder on the skin or other things will stick to the tip of the pen. After a long time, the tip of the pen will not flow out because the outlet is blocked.

2. The rescue method for the small silver tube eyeliner without water:

Wash the tip of the liquid eyeliner, then use a paper towel to absorb the water and shake it. Apply it a few times on the back of your hand or on the paper. It will be lighter at first, and it will be normal if you apply it a few more times. When placing the small silver tube eyeliner, it is recommended to lay the tip down or flat. After use, cover the cap in time. When you find that the tip is a little dry and cannot draw a line, cover it in time, and put the tip down in a cup. Take a dip.

Beauty Tips for Using Small Silver Tube Eyeliner:

1. The small silver tube liquid eyeliner and the liquid eyeliner of the eyeliner have the characteristics of softness and no smudge, and can draw a three-dimensional layered makeup effect, but they are not as easy to master as eyeliner, so it is recommended for novices to use it first. Practice it with the eyeliner, and then use the liquid eyeliner to draw the eyeliner.

2. Eyeliner is easy to smudge. After use, you can press the eyeshadow powder of the same color to improve the smudge problem according to the shape of the eyeliner.

3. The small silver tube eyeliner has a strong anti-smudge ability, so you need a special eyeliner to remove makeup.

4. Liquid eyeliner is generally not smudged, the lines are smooth and clear when used, the eye makeup is realistic and prominent, and the liquid eyeliner dries quickly, but it is not suitable for smoky makeup. Eyeliner.

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