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Lipstick Tube Packaging Material And Production Process

The make-up market started in 2016, and all kinds of make-up products have become popular in the market. Therefore, it has driven the overall market of the upstream packaging material factories of make-up. refer to.

Some time ago, a review of lipstick packaging materials was released, but they were all superficially extensive, and we could only have a preliminary understanding of lipstick tube packaging materials. Today, we will talk about some more comprehensive knowledge about lipstick tube packaging materials.

The lipstick tube is the most complicated of all cosmetic packaging materials. The lipstick tube is composed of multiple components. The functional packaging composed of different materials is also divided into volatile type and non-volatile type (airtight/non-volatile). Air tightness), plus most of the filling is automatically filled by machines (front filling, post filling, direct filling, etc.), including the filling method of the lipstick tube, the combination of different parts, the tolerance control is not good, or the design is not good Reasonable, even if the lubricating oil is applied in the wrong way, it will cause downtime or abnormal function.

The manufacturing process of lipstick tube

1. Basic materials

Lipstick tubes are divided into all-plastic lipstick tubes, aluminum-plastic composite tubes, etc. The commonly used plastic materials are PC, ABS, PMMA, ABS+SAN, SAN, PCTA, PP, etc., while aluminum models are commonly used 1070, 5657, etc. There are also users who use zinc alloy, sheepskin and other materials as lipstick tube accessories in order to show that the product temperament is consistent with its brand tonality.

2. Forming process

The plastic material of the lipstick tube is mainly based on the injection molding process, such as the cover, the base and the related accessories in the middle beam core.

3. Surface treatment

There are many treatments available on the surface of the lipstick tube. For plastic accessories, surface treatment processes such as spraying, electroplating, evaporation, laser engraving, and inserts can be used, while for aluminum products, oxidizable electroplating and anodizing processes are used.

4. Graphic printing

Both the lid and the base of the lipstick tube can be used to process graphic information according to user needs, using silk screen printing, bronzing/silver, pad printing, thermal transfer, water transfer and other processes.

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