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The Packaging Of Lip Gloss Tube Is A Colorful World

The packaging of lip gloss is a colorful world, and different brands of cosmetics will choose appropriate colors according to their own characteristics. White, green, blue and pink are the most common, while purple, gold and black symbolize mystery and nobility, which can be used for high-grade and more personalized Lip gloss Tube packaging.

Personalized graphics are used as a unique symbolic language in lip gloss tube packaging design because of their distinctive features, which can reflect the characteristics of products, show the components of products and show the use of products. In the creative design of lip gloss tube packaging graphics, we should fully grasp the product positioning and make it consistent with the packaging color, text and shape.

The packaging of lip gloss tube should reflect the coexistence of generality and individuality, and designers should consider the harmony and unity of packaging function and overall aesthetic feeling when designing. Common geometry is the main form of ordinary lip gloss tube packaging, but individual lip gloss tube packaging requires its unique style.

In the personalized performance of lip gloss tube packaging, bionic design with natural objects as imitation objects is a common design technique. Different from the previous single geometric lip gloss tube packaging, bionic design is friendly, lively and interesting, and achieves the perfect unity of practicality and individuality.

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