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Aluminum Mascara Container Is A Green Material With Good Anti-counterfeiting Effect

With the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of cosmetics and health care skin care products has increased year by year, and has increased greatly in recent years. The Aluminum Mascara Container is light in weight, bright in color, elegant and luxurious, durable and easy to process, shape and coat, which is favored by the cosmetics packaging industry. Nowadays, vacuum-plated companion paper has the advantages of metallic luster, easy printing, beauty, fashion, high-grade and environmental protection, which greatly meets the requirements of cosmetic packaging and has become the focus of attention of high-grade cosmetic outer box packaging materials.

The main consumer group of cosmetics is women, and the pursuit of beauty is a natural trait of women. Whether cosmetics packaging is exquisite or not greatly affects the status of cosmetics in women's minds and their preference for specific brands.

Aluminum mascara container can reveal beautiful metallic luster, at the same time, it gives people a psychological suggestion: it can shine after using this cosmetic. The aluminum mascara container is also easy to be processed by laser holography, which has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. Flash laser LOGO or specific beautiful patterns can be printed on the outer packaging according to the needs of different cosmetics, which is beautiful, fresh and easy to identify, and also discourages fake and shoddy products. Aluminum mascara container material is a new compound environmental protection packaging material, which gradually replaces aluminum foil composite paper as aluminum paper substrate. Chinese characters are recyclable and degradable in soil, and save metal resources, which is a kind of green packaging material beneficial to environmental protection.

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