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Round or Square: How To Choose the Right Lipstick Tube Shape

The lipstick tube shape determining the achievement of marketing goals for a manufacturer or a retailer. If you are involved in the lipstick-manufacturing business, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of a round or square lipstick tube.
The advantage of a round lipstick tube is that it has better adhesion to cosmetics when applied. For manufacturers, utilizing the automated technique, labeling of round-shaped tubes, take away much of time and stress, leaving behind a hassle-free process for you. Accidental drops, especially from clumsy hands, are minimized to a great extent when using lipsticks having an edgy tube. This is a traditional choice, recognized and loved by all.
The disadvantage of the round lipstick tube is that for a brand that chooses a traditional round lipstick tube, it will be very difficult to stand out among its peers. And Going with the trend would mean switching to edgy shapes. Secondly, Sticking it with other cosmetic products is a little difficult, as it tends to slip or roll off easily, given its curved edges. Hardly supports hand-labeling for brands that choose to follow the manual manufacturing technique.
But now more cosmetics merchants are willing to choose square lipstick tubes instead of round lipstick tubes because, at the time of shipping, these fit well into a box, reducing hassles to the minimum. And it Supports the labeling of products using the automated technique.
For consumers, the square lipstick tube will not roll off the dressing table, reducing a lot of trouble. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, these are easily stackable in make-up bags, having a separate compartment for this make-up essential.
However, It’s difficult to get a firm grip over lipsticks encased in edgy designed tubes. Not much popular among the elderly, who choose to stick to traditional shapes in lipsticks.
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