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Global Cosmetic Packaging Design Trends

In people's daily life, cosmetics are becoming daily necessities. While cosmetics beautify their lives, they also form a consumer market that contains huge business opportunities and cannot be ignored. Aluminum packaging, plastic packaging, and glass packaging, mainly Aluminum Lipstick Case and Aluminum Mascara Container, are dazzling in the market. Since the general cosmetics are mostly liquid, cream or paste, they do not have a distinctive appearance. The exquisite and unique packaging design can make the products sell better.
Packaging technology tends to be simplified
Transitional packaging causes waste of resources and unnecessary environmental pollution. Simplify the packaging as much as possible in the packaging process and achieve moderate packaging. With modern technology, the packaging process can be simplified and more reasonable.
Intelligent packaging machinery
At present, the characteristics of packaging machinery tend to be "three highs"-high speed, high efficiency and high quality. The focus of development tends to be low energy consumption, lightweight, compact structure, high efficiency, and environmental protection requirements.
Replacement and update of packaging materials
The quality of packaging depends largely on the properties of packaging materials. Without good packaging materials, there can be many packaging products. New products, new processes and new packaging materials are matched to achieve the best packaging effect.
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