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Recyclable Aluminum Lipstick Tube

Jinyi as a professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer, has developed 100% recyclable aluminum lipstick tubes to eliminate plastics in packaging. Users can return the aluminum empty boxes to customer service for reuse and recycling.

About 900 million lipsticks are sold globally each year, and the main packaging is single-use plastic. We are determined not to contribute to the popularity of this plastic, but to create an innovative alternative.

Jinyi lipsticks do not have the usual twisting mechanism that requires plastic machinery. The collection has a button system inspired by tubes from the 1930s.

Our lipstick tubes are made entirely of aluminium. By using only one material, we avoid the tricky, expensive disassembly that often hinders or prevents packaging from being recycled.

Although reusable cosmetics are gaining popularity, we don't think they are the best solution for all products. Our products are now not reusable because delicate cosmetics like lipsticks are difficult to transport without safe packaging. Reuse requires additional packaging or plastic components, which cannot be recycled. We will not compromise.

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