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Packaging of Different Lip Products

Different lip makeup can create different styles and temperaments, and also show different moods and states. Today, there are a variety of lip makeup tools on the market to choose from. Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip glosses, lip glazes and other products have different names, textures, and prices.

1. Lipstick

Lipsticks are solid lipsticks, which are colorless and colored. They can moisturize, protect lips, increase facial beauty and correct lip contours. They are the most primitive and common lip makeup products. The basic ingredients are petroleum jelly, wax, oil and pigment, etc., and now there are lip balms with added antioxidants such as vitamins A and E, as well as sunscreen.

l Advantages: high color saturation, strong color covering power

l Disadvantages: not moisturizing enough, the texture is dry and hard than lip gloss and lip gloss, and the effect is short-lasting

l How to use: You can apply a lip balm to moisturise your lips before applying lipstick. If you want to create a water-bright effect and maximally modify your lips, you can first use the lip balm to outline the lip contour and make a primer, and then apply a transparent or Lip gloss or lip gloss in a similar shade to brighten.

2. Lip gloss

Lip gloss is a stick-shaped brushed product in the form of a viscous liquid or a thin paste. The paste of the lip gloss is soft and textured. In addition to the common stick-shaped liquid lip gloss, there are semi-solid or solid lip gloss with a viscous texture, and the effect is between the lipstick and the lip gloss.

l Advantages: rich color, high color saturation, strong covering power, more moisturizing than lipstick

l Disadvantages: It is easy to overflow from the lip lines, making the lip makeup incomplete, blurring the lip contour, and requiring frequent retouching

l How to use: The texture of lip gloss is relatively thin and the maintenance time is short. It is recommended to touch up makeup every 2-4 hours. In addition, you can also apply lip balm as a primer before applying lip gloss.

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