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Is the safety of cosmetics small sample packing?

On the cosmetics website, there is an introduction about the OEM sample of cosmetics, including the origin and cost of cosmetic samples, as well as the difference between samples and original products. In general, it's all right, and it's a good reference for MM to get free replacement samples.
The 1. brand will be able to fill out the products that may be overdue.
2. in order to attract us to buy the brand, quality will be better than the quality of sample loaded goods sold in Taiwan genuine.
There are some different points of view and a remedy for these two points. In the light of a cautious attitude, it is very dangerous to inform us that cosmetic samples are in fact.
In general, fast expired products are normal packing, no company will put a lot of cosmetics in the warehouse put three years (three years general cosmetics shelf life), it will waste a lot of storage space and cost, and will not idle to let the production staff do take apart the packaging again fill into this sample. In a way of thinking, we can't sell the original products. Can we buy the small samples? So we don't need to worry about the fast expired materials used in the cosmetics samples.
If we are concerned about the quality of cosmetic samples, let's talk with you about the production process of cosmetic samples. Generally speaking, the packaging of the original samples is different from the original ones, so the problem is coming out. Due to the fact that there is a certain compatibility between the material and the packaging materials, the increase of time may lead to various unstable phenomena such as color change, swelling and even yellowing. So the R & D department will develop a compatible safety test for cosmetics and packaging materials in the process of development, so that there will be no chemical or physical responses to material and packaging materials. It usually takes three months. But there are few cosmetic sample package by stability test, so do not rule out or because of different types of packaging materials with chemical and physical reactions, such as commonly used plastic bottles sample material will often appear less dry phenomenon is due to plastic bottle packaging sealing material not tight, transpiration in the resulting material becomes less reason.
In addition, as the original manufacturer does not have the capacity of the equipment to carry out small samples of cosmetics packaging, will find third factories to process. The cleanliness and processing conditions of the third party factories are likely to be good conditions for the factories without brands. Therefore, the quality of the final sample products is also to be noted. And the brand is not very important, after all, it is a small sample, free of charge.
To sum up, the sample and the original products will have their place in quality. If you want to pick out production date, you will have to choose production date, that is, when the new product starts to go public, you need cosmetic samples. In this way, the quality can be secure.

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