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Advocating environmental protection to deal with the cosmetics bottles

Hot in low-carbon economy "and" low-carbon life "today, more and more people and organizations to participate in person to the environmental cause, contribute to create a green home. As to create the beauty of the cosmetics industry, but also bear the brunt of, through a variety of unique ways to express support for environmental protection, recycling empty cosmetic bottles is one of the direct and common way.
Recently, the well-known natural cosmetics brand PBA launched the "your empty cosmetic bottles, recycling; you do environmental we pay for environmental protection activities, not only the recycling of empty cosmetic bottles of this brand, other brands of empty cosmetics bottles are recyclable This has resulted in cosmetic circle of concern. Environmental protection is of great significance.
The responsible person, the PBA cosmetics company R & D director of Miss Wang Kezhen said, not only in the cosmetics industry, in other types of industry, the use of soft plastic or hard plastic packaging products, can be effectively recycling It goes without saying, the environmental significance.
However, there is only a very small part of the cosmetics brand to carry out recycling activities of empty cosmetic bottles, and large only limited to the recovery of its own brand of empty cosmetic bottles. "I believe more and more cosmetics brand to join and work together to create a low-carbon green living," said Miss Wang Kezhen.
As the initiator of this event, PBA has always attaches great importance to environmental protection, to promote the environmental philosophy of "man and nature live in harmony. On the product packaging PBA has always insisted on packaging materials recyclable, and can make use of the biodegradable environmental standards, and constantly develop new environmentally friendly materials and new processing technology, emphasis on product packaging protection, functionality, fashion, environmental protection " "one," to break the limitations of the traditional designs of the past to shape the main ideas, to promote "green design", so as to reduce and avoid pollution of the environment. "Close to nature, protecting the environment" is the PBA in matters ideological guidelines.
Recovery will be unified secondary treatment It is reported that glass, plastic, metal is a major use of cosmetic packaging container material, the amount of used plastic. Many consumers use cosmetics after an empty cosmetics bottles thrown away, resulting in environmental pollution; or empty cosmetic bottles cleaned Tibet, but not be fully recycled, resulting in waste of resources. For the above PBA has launched "Your bottles, we recycle; you make to environmental protection, we pay" campaign, recycling bottles presented a corresponding number of points to encourage consumers an active part in environmental action, in order to create low-carbon green life and a better home planet to contribute.
PBA recycling of empty cosmetic bottles, printed label on the bottle of cosmetics empty will be removed, the bottle recycling logo in accordance with its classification, cap bottle, different materials have to distinguish between classification, simple rinse of empty cosmetics bottles made from recycled water, then unified secondary treatment, and for other purposes, and discard points for recycle and reuse, and improve resource utilization, reduce environmental pollution.

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