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How to Control The Production Cost of Cosmetics Packaging Materials?

Nowadays, the cosmetics sales market is highly competitive. If you want to have a leading advantage in the cosmetics market competition, in addition to the unique characteristics of the product itself, you should appropriately control other costs (indirect costs such as cosmetic packaging materials/transportation costs) to make Our own products are more competitive in the market. How to control the cost of cosmetic packaging materials without affecting the quality of the products? The following Jinyi cosmetic packaging materials use their own years of customized processing experience to help brands better control costs.

1. Find domestic high-quality cosmetic packaging material manufacturers to customize

Nowadays, labor costs in many overseas countries are very high, so many brands in developed countries will choose to produce in Asia, especially China, when customizing cosmetic packaging materials. Because, compared with other regions, labor costs in China are lower. On the other hand, because China has a relatively complete production and supply chain, the productivity level is higher than that of most other countries, and the packages produced by Chinese cosmetic packaging suppliers The quality of the material is very qualified.

Therefore, when you want to customize cosmetic packaging bottles, you can customize them in China. Under the premise of saving costs, domestically produced products are excellent in terms of quality, durability or aesthetic appeal of the packaging itself. Secondly, when looking for a cosmetic packaging manufacturer in China, you must choose a large-scale, experienced source manufacturer with self-developed molds, because both product quality and production delivery are guaranteed. Remember not to find a trade that makes the difference. business.

2. Batch customization of cosmetic packaging materials

For the brand side, mass customization of cosmetic packaging bottles is definitely a very feasible way, especially in terms of cost control. Whether it is in terms of printing, production, or materials, the larger the quantity, the more affordable the unit price. Therefore, mass customization of packaging bottles has certain advantages in price compared to small batches. In addition, the materials and printing of different batches are slightly different, and all the materials and printing of mass customization can ignore the batch problem, which can greatly ensure the consistency of the quality of packaging bottles. Because cosmetics are also consumables and fast-moving consumer goods, a certain amount of packaging materials (lipstick tubes, eye shadow boxes, loose powder cans, etc.) inventory actually brings greater convenience to the company's shipments and sales.

In the process of product marketing, few brands will focus on the cost of packaging, so it is easy to miss opportunities to reduce costs and improve product performance. Domestic customization, structural replacement and mass customization can provide brands with opportunities to reduce guarantee costs. However, there is one point to pay attention to when customizing makeup packaging materials. Some businesses blindly pursue low prices and use bad raw materials. This makes the appearance and feel very poor, reducing the user experience and making makeup products look at the packaging materials. It's a bit cheap, so it's not worth it. Therefore, it is necessary to control costs appropriately and not blindly pursue low prices.

The cosmetic packaging injection molding processing plant adopts the method of imported raw material processing and production, using skilled production technology and experienced processing team, to provide customers with a comfortable and customized experience for color cosmetic packaging materials.

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