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A Few Tips For Lipstick Tubes

What should I do with which lipsticks are left in the lipstick tube to the end?

1. A more practical and simple method is to use a lip brush. When using it, use the lip brush to stick the lipstick left in the shell.

2. If you don't have a lip brush, you can use a cotton swab instead. You can stick the cotton swab slightly damp before using the lipstick.

3. If the lower end of the remaining lipstick can be pulled out, you can also hold the upper and lower ends of the lipstick firmly, and then pull the lower end forcefully to get out the lipstick remaining in the shell.

4. Use a lighter or a hot air blower to heat one end of the lipstick that is packaged with a cotton pad. The lipstick will melt slightly when heated, and also be careful not to overheat it.

5. Then slowly stick the micro-melting lipstick into the red tube, gently stick it in, being careful not to overpower it, put it in the refrigerator after installation, and let the lipstick solidify, and then you can use it.

6. You can also first look at the material of the lipstick shell. If it is made of iron, you can use a lighter to heat the area where the lipstick is attached to the outside of the shell. The lipstick is poured out.

The packaging of lipstick tubes is varied. If you want to customize the lipstick tube pattern, please contact Jinyi, we are a professional cosmetic packaging material factory.

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