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How to Choose Suitable Cosmetic Packaging According to Product Positioning?

How to make your own characteristics in the packaging of cosmetic products? According to different grades, it is important to choose the corresponding material and color.
As far as the products of professional theaters are concerned, product positioning generally follows three levels: low, medium, high, and Introduce personalized packaging. With the introduction of color and packaging materials, it is easier to be accepted by consumers.
For low-grade products, refill packaging can be introduced, using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. In the choice of color, light tones such as silver, white, pink, etc. can be used. The material can be plastic aluminum foil.

For medium and high-end products, the materials should be environmentally friendly glue, degradable glue or recycled paper. The color can be the color of kraft paper, light color, white, etc. If you use environmentally-friendly cosmetic packaging materials, the product appears to have the style of a big brand. Because the plastic lipstick shell supports environmental protection, it is very helpful to enhance the reputation of the brand.

For products that follow the daily chemical line, more emphasis is placed on terminal sales. Then, the packaging of the product also needs some changes.

For low- and medium-grade products, reclaimed rubber or glass made of transparent materials are used on the packaging. Transparent materials will make the product transparent and visible. This part of consumers needs intuitive consumption guidance, so it can guide consumers' preconceived consumer psychology and make it easier to conclude transactions.

For products with mid-to-high-end positioning, a more mature outer packaging is required. The material of these products can be made of frosted glass or ceramics. The appearance is hazy. The color of this material is white and porcelain white, which makes consumers feel high-grade, and they will find the product valuable after purchasing the product.

For products with high-end positionings, such as some high-tech products on the market, the quality is more targeted. The packaging of these products can make consumers feel that this is a reliable quality product from the outside. Although this is only a psychological suggestion, it is sufficient to explain that packaging materials have indeed used materials with such a high sense of value, and the high-tech ingredients contained in it can certainly achieve better results.

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