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Custom The Square Tube Empty Lipstick Tube with Cap

As a popular makeup packaging, lipstick tubes come in a variety of designs. Jinyi, as a professional custom lipstick tube factory, can be customized according to the needs of customers with drawings and samples, and can be sold online at factory wholesale prices.

Features: Small and exquisite, practical and beautiful, save space.

Stylish Design: Beautiful appearance, space saving, sturdy and reusable.

PORTABLE TO CARRY: Small and lightweight, it fits easily into a purse or pocket and never leaves the lipstick on the go.

Easy Lipstick DIY: Pour the melted lipstick mixture into a round lipstick container and let cool, and you'll have a lip balm. You can easily slide your lip balm onto your lips quickly with the push-wheel mechanism. Snap cap design to prevent leakage.

Wide Application: Perfect for homemade lip balms, lipstick tubes, lip care containers, also for handmade body balms, lotion sticks and more.

Usage scenarios: Home, travel, birthday, wedding makeup party decoration accessories.

Welcome to customize your exclusive lipstick tube.

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