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Choose Your Custom Cosmetic Packaging Container

The foundation of cosmetic packaging design starts with the type of container you use for your product. Based on the product you intend to sell, you will have a starting point for your design.

Cosmetic containers include bottles and boxes (plastic), compacts, eyeshadow palettes, blush boxes, loose powder cans, lip gloss tubes, lipstick tubes, perfume bottles, etc.

1. Good cosmetic packaging design elements

The goal of any cosmetic packaging product is to make the client look beautiful and feel spectacular. If you're going to get consumers to speak for your product, you need to convince them that your product will take them on that happy journey. This is also why certain aesthetics emerge and often rely on creating lasting and timeless packaging designs to impress consumers. While your actual packaging color can be driven in part by an overall branding scheme, you can incorporate different techniques across your product line in maintaining a consistent overall brand.

When looking for design inspiration, there are still a few core elements to keep in mind when it comes to the design process itself. You should always look for new capable, experienced and creative manufacturers to realize your brand packaging.

2. Color

Color plays a huge role in cosmetic packaging design. The industry, by its very nature, draws on a vast array of colors, each with a unique role.

While you can choose your brand's overall color scheme to take the lead in your packaging and experiment with different mixes. It can be beneficial because it's part of the packaging design, even if it's not a major part of the brand, your main goal is color that appeals to the consumer's senses.

3. Fonts

Fonts for cosmetic packaging containers, similar to colors, typefaces and typography convey one's feelings and emotions. Picking the right one, however, will make the product look more appealing. Regardless of font and typography, the first goal is to make sure it's easy to read. A key factor to always consider is the type and size of packaging you plan to use when determining your text scheme. Whether artistic and whimsical or bold and brash or elegant and sophisticated, choose the brand that best represents you, is unique and stands out. The better you can separate yourself, the better your chances of forging your own identity.

4. Pattern

The final major design elements of cosmetic packaging include patterns. The main design styles you see elsewhere are often displayed in cosmetics. Minimalistic, geometric, art deco, floral, traditional, contemporary, modern, etc. These are just the basic underlying styles, with tons of brands incorporating their own elements.

Today's method of choosing a custom cosmetic packaging box is all of the above, hope to help everyone, as we pointed out, the cosmetic business is super competitive. But it's also an industry full of opportunities to make markers. Whether you want to carve your brand and products for everyone or be one for everyone, the first impression you make is your packaging. As a professional China cosmetics packaging manufacturer, Jinyi is looking forward to your message.

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