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Create A Beautiful Look For Cosmetics

1. Eye-catching color concept and decorative effect

Cosmetics can modify the appearance and make it pleasing to the eye. Want to give your jars of mascara, lipsticks, creams and other plastic packaging a gorgeous look? Jinyi can provide a wide variety of attractive cosmetics packaging decoration solutions.

Whether it's traditional gold/silver metallic shades, pop shades, pigment films or laser foils, glossy or matte, the extensive range of foils is ideal for your unique designs and brings a touch of excitement to your products Impressive sense of value and unique charm.

Rich experience and continuous research and development allow Jinyi foil to meet various decorative needs in the industry.

2. Realize unique customization requirements

Consumption in the field of cosmetics is often emotional, so the look and feel of beauty products is particularly important. The same is true for brands, where the brand’s design elements and tones are revealed the moment consumers open the product.

Hot stamping technology is suitable for a variety of different substrates and shapes, and can obtain flexible colors and various decorative effects in just one processing operation, which has won the favor of many brands.

You can choose from the many colour combinations offered and of course come up with your own creative ideas.

If you are interested in lipstick tube packaging, please feel free to contact us.

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