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Where is The Most Popular Mascara?

There are many styles of mascara on the market, and the effect they pursue is also different. Let’s briefly analyze where the most popular mascara is?

Special features①:

Luxurious jewelry box shape with mirror;

Can replace the inner core;

The paste contains biochemical enzymes to promote eyelash regeneration;

No need for eyelash curlers to present a thick and curly 3D effect.

Special Aspect ②:

The elastic twill brush head has the effect of an eyelash curler and instantly curls eyelashes;

Active formula ingredients promote eyelash growth and increase eyelash density;

The specially designed flexible thin comb brush head creates a dense feeling;

Brush on the roots of the eyelashes to create an invisible eyeliner makeup effect;

Liquid fiber film prevents clumping and shiny eyelashes.

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