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What Should I Do If The Mascara Dries?

What should I do if the mascara dries? There are these little tricks you can try.

1. Add eye drops. Add two drops of eye drops to the dried mascara, and then shake it well. Don't drop too much at one time, otherwise, it will lose its waterproof effect and it will easily become a giant panda.

2. Add perfume and put two drops of perfume into the dried mascara, and then shake it gently. When the perfume and mascara are completely integrated, the mascara will look new. Since perfume contains alcohol, it is likely to irritate the eye skin, so it is recommended that friends with sensitive skin do not use this method.

3. Hot water method First prepare a pot of hot water, then pour it into a container, and then tighten the dried mascara and put it in the hot water to soak it. Take it out after soaking it for a few minutes. This method can not only re-awaken the dried mascara but also make it softer and easier to apply.

4. Olive oil For a mascara that has been set, you can choose to use olive oil to "wake up" the mascara. Because olive oil itself can effectively promote the growth of eyelashes, and the oily ingredients contained in olive oil can also effectively dissolve the solid mascara. So add two drops of olive oil to the mascara and shake it gently.

5. Toner Add two drops of toner to the dried mascara, which can also effectively "wake up" the mascara. However, one thing to note is that you should not drip too much, otherwise it will easily cause the mascara to become liquid and it will be difficult to apply it. Especially for mascara with fiber ingredients, it is not allowed to drip too much toner.

6. Vitamin E is the same as olive oil. Vitamin E also has the effect of promoting the growth of eyelashes, so the oil it contains can also effectively dissolve solid mascara. So when the mascara is dry, add about two drops of vitamin E oil to it, and then make it evenly.

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