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What Can I Do if The Mascara Dries Out?

I believe that many girls have encountered the situation that when the mascara is opened and ready to brush the eyelashes, they find that the mascara becomes hard and dry and cannot be pulled out. Let’s take a look at what should I do if the mascara is dry and can’t be pulled out? What can be added to the mascara tube?

Obviously, some mascaras have not been used much, but they have been left for a while, and it is a pity to throw them away like this. The young master is here to teach you a few tricks. In this case, add some of these things to the mascara and continue to use it.

Add water to mascara:

The "water" here is not ordinary water, but eye drops, perfume, eyelash growth liquid, toner, etc. These "water" can melt away the mascara without affecting the subsequent use of the mascara. Mascara can be used again. Note that you only need to add two drops when adding, and then shake it well.

Add oil to mascara:

In addition to adding "water", you can also add "oil", where "oil" refers to vitamin E oil or olive oil, baby oil. These oils can dissolve the mascara, and vitamin E can also make the eyelashes grow longer and darker. But be careful, you only need to add one or two drops when adding it, too much, it is easy to faint makeup.

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