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Unique Design of Men's Eyebrow Pencils

Men's eyebrow pencil, unique midnight blue packaging design, easy to create a natural look. It adopts a retractable double-ended design, one end is a brow pencil for coloring and contouring, and the other end is a spiral eyebrow brush for combing brows. Soft to the touch for a long-lasting waterproof finish.


Use the flat end of the pencil to fill in the brow shape and deepen the finish, and use the tip of the pencil to outline the brow line. Use a spiral brow brush to style your brows.

Product ingredients:

Emollient oil ingredient (hydrogenated castor oil) ensures that pigment particles spread evenly.

Naturally-derived wax ingredients (no arachia wax) fix the brow shape for a long-lasting finish.

The double-ended eyebrow pencil with the center and the eyebrow brush can be replaced according to personal preference. A velvety finish for precise, natural brows. Makes makeup easier to apply, the center of the pen has good ductility, and the makeup effect is more even and lasting. Alternately use the brush center to draw and the brow brush to swipe to create the best makeup effect. Added innovative brow powder texture, a highly concentrated powder.

There are a variety of colors to choose from to match the color of hair and makeup. Use the angled brow brush on the tip of the pen to style your brows. Lightly draw the color on the back of the hand, then use the angled eyebrow brush at the end of the pen to pick up the eyebrow powder on the back of the hand, and lightly trace the uneven brow color. You can also directly use the center of the eyebrow pencil to draw precise eyebrows gently and little by little.

If used alternately with the brow brush, it can create the best brow makeup effect. For the new eyebrow pencil, a powdery refill that is easy to draw and smudge is selected. Enriched with natural waxes, this new powder is even smoother on contact.

The long-wear formula guarantees a flawless finish for up to 8 hours: it does not smudge and adheres tightly to the skin. Use this eyebrow pencil to boldly draw brows directly, or blend in with the tip of the brow brush for a more three-dimensional and refined eye look, available in different shades of color.

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