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TPE Makes Mascara Containers More Flexible

As a professional mascara container manufacturer, Jinyi is constantly pursuing the road of innovation. They have launched a new roll of mascara containers, which is very popular. Let's take a look.

The thermoplastic elastomer material is used in mascara products, and the elastic properties of the material are maximized. The soft ingredients contained in this mascara container allow the brush to optimally pick up the mascara lotion, giving your lashes volume and volume.

This thermoplastic elastomer material gives the mascara container the desired elastic properties. Gently squeeze the container two to three times to fully adhere the mascara to the brush, giving your lashes instant volume and volume. In addition, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) have a soft touch. You only need to squeeze the container lightly to get the mascara to adhere to the brush, making your lashes more appealing.

As a professional cosmetics packaging manufacturer, we strive to make exquisite and practical products, and we can customize the packaging according to the needs of customers. We bring consumers a lasting experience through eye-catching design and wonderful texture.

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