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Tips for Buying Eyebrow Pencils

Many MMs do not know whether to choose eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil when applying makeup. Both have their own strengths, and you should choose the product that suits you.

1. Eyebrow pencil is used to draw eyebrows. This explanation almost repeats common sense. The eyebrow pencil looks almost like a pencil, and some have an eyebrow comb on the other end. When choosing eyebrow pencils, you need to have a little knowledge of beauty about the material of the refill to buy a satisfactory one. Generally, harder refills are easy to control the color shade.

2. The eyebrow pencil can choose soft, hard and thick, which can help fill the gap between the eyebrows and is suitable for people with sparse eyebrows. Eyebrow powder can be mixed and toned to increase the overall natural effect, which is easy for beginners to use.

3. When buying eyebrow pencils, choose a color that is similar to the hair color. Asian girls generally use brown and black. If you have dyed your hair, then choose according to the hair color. Choose an eyebrow pencil (powder) that is one size lighter than your hair. Asian women are more suitable for brown, try not to use black completely, it will make the eyebrows look too serious.

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