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The Main Working Principle of Perfume Atomizer

Perfume is a kind of cosmetic that everyone loves very much. It provides aroma through continuous evaporation, and perfume atomizer is really concerned because of its small size and portability. Then let's talk about how perfume atomizer works and what is the principle.

All atomizers work on the principle of airflow and suction. When horizontal air passes over the vertical pipe, it causes the air and liquid inside the vertical pipe to be pulled upwards. Classic atomizers use a squeeze bulb to store a large amount of air that, when squeezed, moves quickly over the feed tube. There are two one-way valves at both ends of the bulb. When the bulb is pressed, the valve to the bottle is forced open by air pressure, while the valve to the outside is closed. When the bulb is released, the rubber on the inside restores it to its original shape, closing the valve to the pipe and opening the valve to the outside so that air can fill the bulb.

Perfume is placed in the body of the perfume bottle or "container". The vertical feed tube is partially submerged in the reservoir and attached to the cap of the bottle, which also houses the tube connecting the squeeze ball and nozzle. Air pulls the liquid up into the feed tube through the resulting vacuum and pushes it out through the nozzle. When the airflow stops, a small amount of liquid remains in the tube, and due to the cohesive nature of the liquid, it acts as another mechanism to pull the fragrance into the tube once the bulb is squeezed again.

The nozzle is the end of a horizontal tube, usually made of metal or plastic. As air and liquid perfume pass through the nozzle, it causes the perfume to break down into small droplets and mix with the air. The restriction at the end of the nozzle is called a "Venturi" and it speeds up the air and liquid mixture, causing the liquid to break down and disperse the air widely. Depending on how hard the squeezing bulb is squeezed, the amount of liquid and how far it spreads will vary.

"Atomization" doesn't mean breaking down into its constituent atoms, but rather breaking up a large object into small discrete objects, usually suspended in another medium. In this case, the liquid fragrance is a mixture of oil, alcohol, water, and dye. When the airflow pulls some of the liquid out of the tank and mixes it with the airflow, the liquid breaks down into droplets suspended in the air, each with the same proportions of oil, alcohol, water and dye.

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