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Related Introduction of Lipstick Products

Lipstick is a product that is applied to the lips to give it a bright color and moisturize the lips. Lipsticks are usually made by dissolving and dispersing pigments from oil, fat and wax materials.

Therefore, the base components of lipstick mainly include: colorants, oils and waxes, and flavors and preservatives are usually added. Lipstick cosmetics can be used to outline, moisturize, and soften the lips to protect the lips from chapped, give the lips a tone, and emphasize or change the outline of the lips.

The following classification of lipsticks from different classification forms:

(1) According to the color of lipstick, lipsticks can be roughly divided into three types: primary color lipstick, color-changing lipstick and colorless lipstick (also called lip balm).

(2) According to the difference of lipstick formula, lipstick can be divided into moisturizing type, waterproof type, non-stick cup type, sunscreen type, powdery lipstick, durable lipstick and shiny lipstick. Generally, lipstick formulations are mainly oil-based or wax-based. As people's demand for lip product moisture increases, the market has also developed oily raw materials, colorants with water, moisturizers and emulsifiers. An emulsified lipstick made by emulsification.

(3) According to the shape of lipstick (mainly refers to the diameter of lipstick flesh), lipsticks can be divided into: pen-shaped lipstick, lipstick pen, general lipstick, thin tube lipstick, MINI lipstick.

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