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Reject The Exaggerated Packaging, Let The Packaging Return to The Original

Everyone likes exquisite packaging design, but if only gorgeous packaging products are actually worthless, then it seems too unreal. How to make product packaging design back to the point is worthy of our deep consideration.

The packaging design of a product is the last procedure for the product to be converted into a commodity and sold. It is the design of the product container and its packaging structure and appearance so that it has a shell that matches its content during transportation and sale. A complete and moving image, the purpose is to suit people's needs. The mediocre design will make the goods bleak, and the excellent packaging makes the goods shine and increase the added value, which inspires consumers' desire to buy. It is a silent advertisement with an obvious promotion effect. The ultimate goal is to influence consumers' ideas and behaviors, establish a brand image, and achieve victory in marketing strategies. Products need packaging. Companies need packaging, and people need packaging. So the word "packaging" has a broader meaning. It makes products perfect, it is the incarnation of perfection, and it has begun to take on utilitarian colors, so it begins to become Not so real.

Packaging must first provide protective functions for products in the production area, secondly, provide convenience functions for products in the circulation area, and finally provide sales functions for products in the sales area. The ancients used bamboo, wood and clay as containers for storing objects, which is the original packaging. In modern business society, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and packaging has to play such an important functional role. Therefore, both manufacturers and businesses attach great importance to packaging image, and packaging designers also have the opportunity to show their strengths. The constant change of materials and the constant update of technology have enabled packaging design to make great progress.

But in fact, if you analyze it carefully, you will find that the existing packaging is so luxurious in terms of materials and circulation methods. When the product becomes a commodity and then becomes an article and appears in front of consumers, too much waste has been produced. No kind of packaging can escape the fate of becoming waste. Some people advocate the unpackaged approach, but this will bring many problems to the circulation of goods.

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