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Mascara Packaging is Related to Product Performance

The use of mascara is to make the eyelashes thicker, longer, deepen the color, and curl, which helps to highlight the appearance of the eyes. Currently, commercially available mascaras are water-resistant, waterproof and full-bodied, and are formulated into water-in-oil, water-in-oil and water-free formulations.

Water-proof formulas are usually water-in-oil or water-free formulas and require oil-based cleansers to remove makeup. This formula will also cause the drying to become very slow, and before the film dries, it is easy to touch the touch.

So far, the most common type of mascara formulations currently sold is oil-in-water emulsions based on a layered gel network, which are stably emulsified with soluble polymers. These formulas are very versatile and can provide better applications, functional performance, abrasion/washing resistance and fast drying.

Mascara preservative

Since the eyelash wand/brush used to apply the product will continue to be put back into the tube after use, the preservation of the mascara formulation can be quite challenging. This may breed microorganisms and contaminate the remaining product. If stored improperly, contaminated products can cause eye infections and ultimately lead to product recalls.

Mascara packaging

Mascara packaging is an important factor in controlling product performance. The design of the eyelash wand is essential to obtain the best mascara performance, because it controls the amount of product applied, the drying speed, and helps to separate/coat each eyelash during the product application process. Whenever a new formulation is developed, different designs should be evaluated. Since most of the formulas on the market are very similar in technology, I believe that the design of the eyelash wand may be one of the biggest factors determining the performance of mascara.

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