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Knowledge of Lipstick Tube Surface Treatment Process

As the wedding dress of lipstick products, lipstick tube packaging is also more complicated in all cosmetic packaging materials. The lipstick tube is a combination of multiple components and functional packaging composed of different materials.

1. Basic materials

Lipstick tubes are divided into full plastic lipstick tubes, aluminum-plastic composite tubes, etc. The commonly used materials are abs, as, anodized aluminum, etc. In order to show that the product's temperament is consistent with its brand tonality, some users use zinc alloy and sheepskin lamp materials as the lipstick tube accessories.

2. Molding process

The plastic material of the lipstick tube is mainly made of injection molding, such as the cover, base and related accessories in the middle beam core.

3. Surface treatment

The surface of the lipstick tube can be processed by many processes. For plastic parts, surface treatment processes such as spraying, electroplating, laser engraving, and inserts can be used, while aluminum products can be processed by oxidation plating and anode treatment.

4. Graphic printing

The lid, base and middle beam of the lipstick tube can be processed according to customer needs using silk screen, bronzing/silver, thermal transfer, water transfer and other processes to process graphic information.

At present, many suppliers deliberately add iron to the lipstick base in order to increase the feel. The weight makes the lipstick tube more high-end.

As the name suggests, lipstick tubes are applied to lipsticks and lipstick products, but with the rise of lipstick products such as lip sticks, lip glosses, and lip glazes, many packaging material factories have fine-tuned the packaging material structure of lipstick tubes, forming a full range of applications.

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