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Jinyi Can Customize Mascara Container Packaging Materials

135mm Mascara Container, size: ¢18x135mm, suitable for mascara packaging, cosmetic packaging tube, mascara empty tube, lazy mascara storage tube, high-grade makeup packaging material, high-grade mascara growth liquid, thick mascara empty tube, high-quality eyelashes Cream outer packaging storage tube, cosmetic packaging material, eye makeup packaging tube, waterproof mascara tube, and other cosmetic packaging tubes.

We have a lot of exquisite mascara tube packaging styles, and the specific effects, crafts, and sizes support custom design, and you can always choose your favorite mascara tube packaging.

As a professional cosmetic packaging factory, Jinyi mainly produces cosmetic packaging, including lipstick case, lipstick tube, lip gloss tube, mascara container, eyeliner tube, eyebrow pencil, etc.

We use modern equipment, have our own molds, and we use new raw materials instead of secondary materials.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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