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Humanization Is The Core Trend Of Make Up Package Development

With the development of society, humanization will undoubtedly be the core trend of Make Up Package development. Appearance and function will become equally important, and the increasing application of metals is an important embodiment of this trend.

Make up package is not only a container, but also a fashionable product. Make up package needs a variety of shapes and rich colors. At present, glass and plastic are obviously more advantageous in this respect. With the continuous development of glass manufacturing technology and the mature application of printing, hot stamping, frosting, dyeing, glazing and other technologies, the fashion potential of glass packaging has been fully tapped. Because of its easy molding and colorful colors, plastic has always been a master of fashion. In addition, the present plastic material can perfectly imitate the glossy glass. Nevertheless, metal will be used more and more in make up package, which is an important manifestation of the humanization of packaging development. In order to combine the appearance and function of make up package perfectly, metal is the most suitable material, because the durability of metal is obviously stronger than plastic and glass.

The durability of make up package is one of the most important characteristics that consumers can intuitively feel when using beauty products, which directly affects consumers' trust in products, so it is also related to the image of a brand. Especially, the bottle cap part of the package needs to be repeatedly squeezed during the use of the product, so it needs to be tough and durable. It is now a common consensus that the bottle cap part of the make up package is made of metal. In addition, the use of metal in other parts of the package will also become a trend. Some surveys show that consumers are more and more interested in metal, because its texture is not available in glass and plastic.

With the continuous innovation of metal stamping and re-stamping technology, metal modeling is becoming more and more diverse. This makes the metal not only keep ahead in durability, but also have more and more changes in appearance, so it will be possible to use a large number of metals. Moreover, environmental awareness has become increasingly popular among consumers, and people are increasingly inclined to simple packaging. An obvious example is that the development trend of glass packaging is increasingly inclined to simple lines and angular appearance. Metal is obviously the most suitable material to reflect the above style.

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