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How To Choose The Right Lipstick Tube Surface Treatment Technology?

The surface coating on the container is very similar to the effect of nail enamel topcoat on nails. It makes way for perfect gloss, shimmer or gloss, and protects the substrate. This is the final stage of combined packaging design. When it comes to cosmetic packaging, the most eye-catching is lipstick tube.

There are indeed many things worth knowing about the shiny changes in surface treatment technology. These changes make this compact and beautiful ink cartridge a unique design. Below we have explored and compared these technologies in terms of the production process, time, cost, durability, and of course styles, and finally helped companies choose the ideal lipstick packaging.

The lipstick container, as a beacon of makeup, is definitely a truly iconic product. A person who may have no or no knowledge of cosmetics can know the lipstick container with certainty only through the cylindrical appearance. The luster and luster of the tube are related to its attractiveness and overall brand value. Therefore, surface treatment is the key.

Understanding different coatings are very important for cosmetic manufacturers, so they can not only choose the right coatings, but also because of corrosion resistance, water resistance and other reasons, they can also be more adaptable to changing design and functional market trends and so on.

The polymer injection process involves extruding molten polymer by injecting it into a mold, where it hardens when cooled, forming the shape of the mold. Injection molding is a common process for "laminating" lipstick packaging. Both thermosets and thermoplastics are widely used for this purpose, and in many cases, other materials, such as glass, wood fibers, and additives, may be mixed into the compound to make it smoother and more durable. After the parison is hardened, an additional PVC coating is applied to make it wear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, or tarnish. Glass fiber reinforced resin is also used, which gives them extraordinary robustness.

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