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Good-Looking And Practical Make Up Package

Every girl should have a practical and beautiful portable Make Up Package.

Cosmetics are simply girls' natural preferences. If you dress up in the morning, you must bring a powder lipstick to touch up your makeup. So today I will recommend two very practical cosmetic bags to everyone!

The first recommendation is a beautiful mini cosmetic bag from 2nul from South Korea that is suitable to be carried with you every day. There are two options in pink and black, with a small lipstick pattern embroidered on it, which is suitable for both soft sister and Yujie.

The most recommended point of this cosmetic bag is the size and internal design. It is different from the general shell-shaped cosmetic bag. The square shape makes it greatly improve the utilization of the internal space-put down two lipsticks or lip balm at the same time And a powder cake, plus some puff cotton swabs, fully meet the daily makeup needs! There is also room to put mini-sized hand creams, eye drops, etc. Regardless of the small size, the actual giant can wear.

There is a small pocket on the back, where you can put oil-absorbent paper, small mirror clips and the like.

The size is not as big as an iPhone6, which is especially suitable for taking it with you every day. The details such as the small zipper are also very beautiful.

The same square shape is also able to make good use of the internal space. On one side are three lipstick positions and one powder cake position, and the other side is a small pocket with elastic band. After the two sides are full, there are a lot of things in the middle.

A variety of elegant and business-oriented colors are available. The material is mesh sponge, which can well protect the contents. The zipper on the two ends allows the cosmetic bag to be fully opened for easy loading and access.

These two cosmetic bags, one for daily travel and one for travel, are a perfect match.

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