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Four Keys in Cosmetic Packaging Design

The ultimate goal of the make-up packaging design is to attract customers and stimulate their desire to buy. The high-value cosmetic packaging design itself will attract the attention of consumers. If a cosmetics brand wants to maximize product sales and brand effect, it must have a scientific, novel, reasonable and creative packaging design. This is how it can be. Survive in fierce market competition. Cosmetic packaging design has the following four key points.

1. Design positioning must be accurate

Before cosmetics packaging design, the cosmetics must first be accurately positioned, including brand positioning, product positioning, channel positioning and consumer positioning.

First of all, we must understand the dimensions of the target consumer's age, gender, occupation, status, hobbies, economic level, living habits, consumer psychology, and aesthetic needs. Secondly, we must grasp the characteristics of commodities and their proportion in the market. Finally, according to the different attributes, grades, sales areas and consumer objects of the products, the elements and styles of cosmetic packaging design are determined.

2. The use of color and the coordination of psychological feelings

Color is the most sensitive part of people’s visual experience. Color can convey the most direct emotions to people. Different colors can bring different emotional changes to people. Colors are very useful for highlighting themes, beautifying products, and facilitating consumers to identify products. Important role.

The color of cosmetic packaging is generally determined according to the sales object of the product. Female cosmetics packaging mostly uses warm, soft, noble, and elegant intermediate colors to reflect the elegance of women. There are also some women’s product packaging that is unconventional and adopts strong colors. Compared.

3. Graphic design pursues fashion

Cosmetic packaging design is mainly decorated with exquisite and concise patterns, or non-realistic and abstract graphics to express product information, making it more modern, giving people rich associations, and catering to modern people’s pursuit of fashion and leading fashion psychology.

4. Combination package packaging prevails

Combination package packaging is more economical than buying a single product. At the same time, with some creative packaging structure, it can enhance the impact of the product shelf, making it easier for consumers to buy and purchase in sets, and it is also conducive to expanding the sales range of products.

It is believed that the future cosmetic packaging industry will integrate more elements, and the design will have a more real meaning of the times and cultural connotations, more distinctive and more intriguing.

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