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Five Tricks to Rescue The Small Silver Tube Liquid Eyeliner Pen Does Not Run Smoothly

It is well known that the small silver tube liquid eyeliner pen is perfectly digestible for drawing inner and outer eyeliner. It is a must-have makeup tool for the little girls! But the problem that the liquid eyeliner often encounters is that the tip of the liquid eyeliner will not leak after a period of time. Or it's not smooth, this is also what makes the little Meimei and the others more distressed. Today, the editor is here to share five small tips to help the small silver tube liquid eyeliner pen not flow smoothly, and help the little girls to solve their worries.

Rescue eyeliner pen method 1

The makeup artist’s suggestion is to cover the eyeliner tightly and soak it in warm water for 15-20 minutes, so that the eyeliner will melt, and there will be a layer of moisture inside, which will soften the eyeliner. Function, so you can continue to use it for more than 2 months.

Rescue eyeliner pen method 2

Water does not dissolve the liquid eyeliner, but the eye drops can dissolve it. Put a few drops of the eye drops into the liquid eyeliner. Remember not to drip too much. If the liquid eyeliner is too thin, you cannot apply makeup, but this method will affect the waterproofness of the liquid eyeliner. .

Rescue eyeliner pen method 3

Liquid eyeliner is easier to dry, some girls feel dry and add some eye drops or lotion to the eye. Since liquid eyeliner is dry, soak the eyeliner brush with water, moisten it, and then take a cotton pad to absorb the water, and then apply the liquid eyeliner, so that you can apply makeup well. If not, consider adding toner or eye drops to the eyeliner, but remember not to add alcohol.

Rescue eyeliner pen method 4

Use a thinner lotion, drop a drop onto the surface of the liquid eyeliner pen, and use a brush to gently take it out. The texture of the lotion and the liquid eyeliner are similar, so they can blend with each other, but not too much. One more drop, do not stir the lotion into the liquid eyeliner, it will be too thin and dry quickly. You can also use the brush to dip the lotion first, and then dip the eyeliner without the sequence. This will have no effect.

Rescue eyeliner pen method 5

Preventing the liquid eyeliner from drying can make the liquid eyeliner's life longer. When using liquid eyeliner, you can easily extend the use time by paying attention to some details. After being covered with liquid eyeliner, immediately pour the liquid eyeliner on the table to prevent the liquid eyeliner from being oxidized and dry due to exposure to oxygen, and it can also solve the trouble of opening the lid multiple times. Don’t worry here. Generally, the liquid eyeliner is solid. Yes, as long as the deduction time does not exceed five minutes, it will generally not fall off.

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