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Description Of Structural Parts Of Mascara Container

The structure of Mascara Container is mainly composed of five accessories: cover, rod, brush, inner plug and bottle. With the development of the industry, many packaging manufacturers have made continuous innovations in the structure, such as hose. Mascara containers can be innovated constantly in shape, and users can design different shapes according to their own brand positioning.

Description of the lid: The inner structure of the mascara lid is connected with the pole and bottle, which not only protects the hygiene of the contents, but also can carry out graphic printing on the surface of the lid to convey the corporate brand and product information. Generally, the covers are made of plastic products such as ABS, but also aluminum products, depending on the customer's needs. Because of different materials, different suppliers need to be selected for effective matching and selection.

Note of the pole: The pole is the main connecting piece between the brush and the cover, and its structure should be effectively matched with the size of the brush and the internal structure of the cover, otherwise, it is easy to cause the tragic event that the brush will fall off when it is pulled out. At the same time, the rod effectively cooperates with the inner plug to provide sealing protection for the contents in the bottle.

Description of brush: Brush is the main connector between mascara and users, and its performance directly determines users' experience of products. Hairbrushes have various forms, and different forms and functions are different.

Description of inner plug: the inner plug plays a role in sealing the mascara content through effective cooperation with the rod and bottle, ensuring the original ecology of the content. At the same time, the inner plug can also allow the user to dispose of the redundant contents according to the required amount.

Bottle Description: Bottle is the main carrier of mascara. In terms of shape, it allows users to make various designs according to the personality of products and brands. In terms of structure, it has become the main sealing protector of contents through the effective connection with inner stopper and rod.

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