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"Aromatherapy Essential Oil Atomizer" Detailed Introduction

Hotel essential oil volatilizer, mall perfume atomizer, lobby perfume volatilizer, in the hot summer, the lobby is undoubtedly the strongest feeling for guests to touch the senses as soon as they enter. We are using sensory marketing to establish a brand. The sensory experience in the lobby is enhanced by exuding a unique fragrance in the lobby. And integrate this unique scent into the brand, and establish more effective marketing with nose recognition, which is the so-called "olfactory recognition", which allows you to experience a unique feeling when you enter the nose of the guest, which is subtle. The ground creates a kind of memory so that whenever a customer smells this scent, he will remember the pleasant experience he once had in your hotel. This is the role that the aroma system brings to the lobby.

The effectiveness of Perfume Atomizer's well-designed scent can not be underestimated. Not only can each sales site be filled with fragrance, but each brand can spread a special fragrance through its carrier. Especially the fragrance through imagination will be more attractive. Many excellent shopping guides relied on their own body to exude fascinating fragrance to attract customers and finally reach a deal. I have personally heard an outstanding female sales elite talk about how to use fragrance to promote business expansion. It is really fragrant and delightful.

This indoor fragrance system can also be installed on the fresh air system. The professional indoor fragrance equipment will atomize pure natural plant essential oils and deliver the fragrance to all areas of each space through the fresh air system! For example, add perfume in the lobby of our store, and add perfume in the corridors of each floor! The purpose of our creation of this fragrance is to let the guests have a good sense of smell and make them feel physically and mentally happy.


1. Safe design concept: essential oil can be atomized at room temperature to avoid high temperature and high pressure.

2. Precise digital control: Adopting the international leading digital control system and time preset.

3. Pure natural diffuse fragrance: essential oils are not subject to physical or chemical reactions such as high temperature and high pressure, and remain pure.

4. Simple operation interface: the operation interface LCD touch screen display, simple operation and friendly interface

5. High-efficiency and energy-saving: precise timing and quantitative fragrance diffusion, greatly reducing waste.

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