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Appearance Quality Requirements Of Lipstick Tube

The appearance quality requirements of Lipstick Tube are as follows:

1. Basic standard of appearance: the lipstick tube body should be smooth and complete, with smooth and regular nozzle, uniform thickness, no crack, water mark gap, scar and deformation, and no obvious burr or front on the mold closing line.

2. Surface and graphic printing

(1) Text and pattern: it is required to be consistent with the company's sample manuscript, and the text and pattern must be clear and correct, without any printing, missing characters, incomplete strokes, obvious position offset, printing blur and other defects.

(2) Color: it must conform to the confirmed standard sample and be within the upper limit/standard/lower limit of the sealed sample.

(3) Printing quality: the content, font, deviation, color and size of patterns and characters shall meet the requirements of standard samples, and the patterns or fonts shall be neat and clear, and there shall be no obvious font blur, color difference, shift, burrs, misregistration, etc.

3. Hygienic requirements: The lipstick tube and its internal components shall be clean inside and outside, free of impurities, foreign bodies, oil stains, no scratches and dirt recognizable by naked eyes, no more than 2 black spots and impurities with φ≤0.3mm, which are dispersed and do not affect the use, and no penetrating impurities are allowed. The lipstick tube packaging material shall not have odor other than material.

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